Academic Vocabulary Words for 1st Graders Core Tier 2 Vocabulary List ESL ELL


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Unlock the power of daily vocabulary lessons with Academic Vocabulary Words for 1st Graders Tier 2 Core Vocabulary List ESL ELL Word Work Activities! This bright & colorful set of daily academic vocabulary word lessons will expose your 1st graders to rich tier 2 core vocabulary while building their language and communication skills. Your 1st graders will love using this daily tier 2 core vocabulary word work resource to grow their reading and speaking skills, and enrich their writingPerfect for ELL and ESL students too!


Academic Vocabulary Words for 1st Graders Tier 2  Core Vocabulary ESL ELL Word of the Day contains 184 DIFFERENT VOCABULARY WORDS to use throughout your ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR either as word of the day or word of the week vocabulary lessons and activities!

This motivating yearlong set of Academic Vocabulary Words for 1st Graders Tier 2  Core Vocabulary ESL ELL Word Work Activities is ideal for cultivating a classroom environment that fosters strong speaking and listening skillsenhances writing and spelling skills, and encourages critical thinking. 


Reusable and substitute-friendly, this Academic Vocabulary Words for 1st Graders Tier 2 Core Vocabulary ESL ELL Word Work Activities Set is going to challenge and motivate your students and foster a love of language acquisition.


The predictable and repetitive format of this academic vocabulary set of words for 1st graders is perfect for setting your students up for success. Students know what to expect each day and in what order, and this makes your classroom procedures run much more efficiently.

The words included are tier 2 core vocabulary words. These words are less familiar, yet useful vocabulary found in written text across multiple domains. The Common Core State Standards refer to these as “general academic words.” These words are more precise or subtle forms of familiar words and include multiple-meaning words.

This vocabulary set is especially useful for ESL and ELL students! 


Academic Vocabulary Words for 1st Graders Tier 2  Core Vocabulary ESL ELL Word Work Activities will empower your students to build confidence and develop a deeper understanding of the English language.


When you purchase this product you will receive both a PowerPoint version and a PDF version, which makes this word of the day vocabulary set versatile enough for use whether you are teaching in person or virtually. You can print the daily word posters out and display them in your classroom, or you can project the PowerPoint slides onto the Smartboard, or upload the PowerPoint into Google Classroom(TM) for virtual learning.


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What kind of activities will you get with Academic Vocabulary Words for 1st Graders Tier 2  Core Vocabulary ESL ELL Word Work Activities? 




184 High-Interest Academic Tier 2 Core Vocabulary Word of the Day Pages– A different vocabulary word and matching picture for every day of the year. Build strong language skills in your students as you study each word, its part of speech, its meaning, and how it is used in a sentence. (Also included with this product is a complete list of all the word of the day words.)

Each page features:

  • Tier 2 vocabulary word
  • Definition
  • Part of speech
  • Photo example
  • Sample sentence


Differentiated Student Activity Page- Use the differentiated student recording sheets for assessment and accountability. Choose the page format that works best for your learners! The Student Activity pages can be completed together as a class, in small groups, or independently.

A journal cover is also included if you choose to bundle the pages together to create a Word of the Day journal.

Each student activity page features:

•Word of the Day

•Part of speech


•Use the word in a sentence

•Illustrate the word/or find an image to represent the word


Parts of Speech Reference Posters- Two sizes of reference posters will allow your students to develop a strong understanding of parts of speech. Classroom poster sized and individual student sized reference cards will be a perfect addition to your language arts lessons!

Parts of Speech Reference Posters included:

  • noun
  • verb
  • pronoun
  • adjective
  • adverb
  • preposition
  • conjunction
  • interjection


Positive Student Notes- Positive notes intended to encourage and recognize students who can begin using the Vocabulary Word of the Day in their classroom conversations! Another fun way to incorporate accountability and inspire your students to assimilate these new vocabulary words into their everyday speaking and writing.



Vocabulary words included in this resource:



3. affordable

4. alarm

5. alone

6. always

7. apologize

8. appetite

9. applause

10. argue

11. atmosphere

12. attach

13. attention

14. bashful

15. batch

16. begin

17. behave

18. belong

19. bend

20. blink

21. blush

22. bolt

23. borrow

24. bundle

25. caution

26. cave

27. celebrate

28. center

29. champion

30. chat

31. cheat

32. comfortable

33. complain

34. consequences

35. construct

36. cozy

37. cranky

38. crash

39. creak

40. croak

41. crowded

42. cue

43. curve

44. daily

45. dainty

46. dart

47. decide

48. decorate

49. delighted

50. denied

51. describe

52. deserve

53. disappointed

54. discuss

55. divide

56. dodge

57. drenched

58. drowsy

59. during

60. effect

61. embarrassed

62. equal

63. event

64. exclaim

65. exhausted

66. expensive

67. experience

68. fancy

69. far

70. fascinating

71. fasten

72. few

73. filthy

74. finish

75. flat

76. flee

77. fog

78. footprint

79. forest

80. freezing

81. gather

82. giant

83. glad

84. gleaming

85. glum

86. grateful

87. grip

88. groan

89. hatch

90. heap

91. hobby

92. honest

93. howl

94. illustrator

95. important

96. injury

97. instead

98. invite

99. jealous

100. knob

101. likely

102. listen

103. lively

104. locate

105. loosen

106. lovely

107. main

108. measuring

109. misty

110. modern

111. narrow

112. negative

113. nervous

114. next

115. obey

116. often

117. opinion

118. opposite

119. organize

120. pain

121. participate

122. passenger

123. pattern

124. pest

125. polish

126. precious

127. predict

128. pretend

129. problem

130. promise

131. rapid

132. reason

133. remove

134. repeat

135. rescue

136. restart

137. return

138. review

139. rhyme

140. ripe

141. rise

142. rough

143. rusty

144. scold

145. searching

146. selfish

147. serious

148. shell

149. shovel

150. shriek

151. sibling

152. silent

153. simple

154. slippery

155. sly

156. sneaky

157. sob

158. special

159. splendid

160. spotless

161. squirm

162. startle

163. steep

164. stomped

165. suddenly

166. suggestion

167. surround

168. switch

169. terrified

170. thick

171. thunder

172. timid

173. transportation

174. travel

175. trust


177. unusual

178. upset

179. usually

180. whimper

181. whirl

182. wonder

183. worried

184. yank




What skills are covered with First Grade Academic Tier 2 Core Vocabulary Word of the Day Word Work Activities?

  • greater understanding of the English Language
  • word meaning
  • correct word usage
  • parts of speech
  • spelling
  • critical thinking skills




➡️Perfect to project onto the screen first thing in the morning as students are entering the classroom.


➡️Great to use as a warm-up to language arts lessons to establish a positive & fun classroom routine.


➡️Excellent to use throughout the day as a time-filler when you have a few minutes in your schedule here and there that you want to fill with quick and easy activities.


➡️Works for whole group instruction, small group instruction, and even for take-home review.


➡️A powerful tool for empowering ESL and ELL students.


You won’t be disappointed with the engagement level and the powerful impact this resource will have on your classroom community!


Supports Common Core Standards (CCSS):

• SL.1.4, SL.1.5, L.1.1, L.1.2, L.1.4, L.1.5, L.1.6

Copyright ©️ One Giggle At A Time.

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

Please purchase additional licenses if you intend to share this product.


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