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  1. It's probably something obvious that I'm missing, but I'd love to know what the C,T, and M stand for on your individual conference notes.
    Also, I'd love to know more about the tabs on your mentor texts. Do you choose guided reading books for the mentor text (where every student has a copy), or do you just show those books?

  2. Hi Jennifer! No, I would imagine your question is not something that is obvious, and actually, I am planning to write a blog post about it! On my individual conference notes, C stands for Compliment. I always start each conference with a compliment. What is the child doing well as a reader? T stands for Teach. After careful observation, what is it that I decided to teach the child today in the conference. N stands for Needs. What have I observed in this conference that the child still needs to work on. This system has worked out well for me.
    The tabs on my mentor texts are one of my favorite things! I have chosen a text or texts at each level that are a solid representation of what a reader at that level needs. They do not have the text. The tabs are places in the books where I have found good examples of characteristics to look for in that level of reader and/or common reading strategies students at that level need to use (i.e. look at the ending sound, skip the word and finish the sentence then reread, etc.) Then, as the students are reading to me from their independent books or guided reading books, when I want to model a strategy for them, rather than ME using up the opportunities in their book, I show them in MY book and then have them continue reading and "try it" in their book. It saves time because I am not searching for another "good" place for that particular skill to arise, say using the patterns in words, because I have it marked. If it doesn't show up again in the book they are reading for them to "try it", I tell them, when they get a chance to try it, to let me know!