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Do you teach vowel teams? digraphs? consonant blends? Build phonics and letter recognition and understanding with these best-selling Phonics Cards! These Phonics Cards include large-sized posters as well as small individual student reference cards and are an excellent resource for young students to use when reading, writing, and spelling. The larger cards are great for displaying in the classroom and using during full class and small group instruction, and the smaller student reference cards are just right for students to keep at their seats, in their writing folders, or even in their take-home folders for quick and easy reference.

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This best selling resource includes the following:

alphabet cards- 26 different brightly colored alphabet display cards. Include both upper and lower case letter and a reference picture and word.

  • a (apple)
  • b (bee)
  • c (carrot)
  • d (dog)
  • e (egg)
  • f (fish)
  • g (grapes)
  • h (hand)
  • i (itchy)
  • j (jam)
  • k (key)
  • l (leaf)
  • m (mouse)
  • n (needle)
  • o (octopus)
  • p (pie)
  • q (queen)
  • r (rocket)
  • s (saw)
  • t (turtle)
  • u (umbrella)
  • v (volcano)
  • w (whale)
  • x (xylophone)
  • y (yo-yo)
  • z (zebra)

✅consonant blend cards- 26 different brightly colored consonant blend display cards. Include blend, a reference picture and a word.

  • bl (blender)
  • cl (cliff)
  • fl (fly)
  • gl (glasses)
  • pl (plant)
  • sl (slide)
  • br (bread)
  • cr (crab)
  • dr (dragon)
  • fr (frog)
  • gr (grass)
  • pr (present)
  • tr (truck)
  • sc (scale)
  • sk (skate)
  • sl (sled)
  • sm (small)
  • sn (snail)
  • sp (sponge)
  • st (stamp)
  • sw (swing)
  • scr (scream)
  • spr (sprinkles)
  • str (strawberry)
  • spl (splash)
  • squ (squirrel)

✅digraph cards- 11 different brightly colored digraph display cards. Include digraph, a reference picture and a word.

  • ch (cherry)
  • sh (shovel)
  • th (thumb, feather)
  • th (thumb)
  • th (feather)
  • wh (whistle)
  • ph (dolphin)
  • -ck (sock)
  • wr (write)
  • -ng (king)
  • kn (knife)

✅short vowel cards & y- 8 different brightly colored vowel display cards. Include vowel, a reference picture and a word.

  • a (apple)
  • e (egg)
  • i (itchy)
  • o (octopus)
  • u (umbrella)
  • y (fly, cherry)
  • y (fly)
  • y (cherry)

✅long vowel cards (silent e)- 6 different brightly colored long vowel display cards. Include long vowel combination, a reference picture and a word.

  • a_e (rake)
  • e_e (delete)
  • i_e (bike)
  • o_e (hose)
  • u_e (cube)
  • y_e (type)

✅ vowel team cards- 32 different brightly colored vowel team display cards. An additional set of cards are included for those vowel teams that make multiple sounds. The additional set has those sounds separated out for the purpose of teaching each sound individually.

  • ai (rain)
  • ay (tray)
  • oa (float)
  • oe (toes)
  • ee (cheese)
  • ea (thread, leaf)
  • ea (thread)
  • ea (leaf)
  • oi (coins)
  • oy (boy)
  • oo (moon, football)
  • oo (moon)
  • oo (football)
  • ow (cow, rainbow)
  • ow (cow)
  • ow (rainbow)
  • ie (pie, thief)
  • ie (pie)
  • ie (thief)
  • ey (monkey)
  • ou (house, soup)
  • ou (house)
  • ou (soup)
  • aw (saw)
  • au (astronaut)
  • igh (light)
  • ei (reindeer, ceiling)
  • ei (reindeer)
  • ei (ceiling)
  • ue (glue)
  • ew (grew)
  • ui (fruit)

r-controlled vowel cards- 5 different brightly colored r-controlled vowel display cards. Include r-controlled vowel, a reference picture and a word.

  • ar (shark)
  • er (tiger)
  • ir (bird)
  • or (orange)
  • ur (purse)

✅ individual student reference cards: ALL the phonics cards are grouped into categories and combined into easy-to-use individual student reference cards. Now your students will be able to quickly find the sounds they are looking for while working in groups, individually, when they leave for the resource room, or even at home for homework. Just cut the pages apart and fasten together on binder rings and your students will be ready to go!

  • alphabet sounds
  • consonant blends r
  • consonant blends l
  • consonant blends s
  • digraphs
  • short vowel sounds
  • long vowel sounds a
  • long vowel sounds e
  • long vowel sounds i
  • long vowel sounds o
  • long vowel sounds u
  • r-controlled vowels
  • diphthongs
  • ***BONUS- letter reversal card- Bb, Dd, Pp, Qq


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I loved how easy these cards were to adapt for my classroom! They worked perfectly when introducing vowel teams to my first graders. I was able to put them on a poster together and now my students can easily access them!“

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“These posters are colorful and engaging. Students loved using them to refer back to for a reminder of how words are spelled and pronounced. Worth It!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“This is one of my favorite resources! I was amazed how quickly my students began recognizing the vowel teams and referring to the posters when stuck on a word.”

As always, please contact me with any questions!

[email protected]

Thank you so much,

Diane Romo


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