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  1. Thanks so much Laura! Email me if you want more information! There are lots of very simple accommodations that you can put into place for your student that may help in the meantime!

  2. Great post! My own son actually ending up with progressive lenses in fourth grade because he had a focusing issue! His vision was good but his eyes couldn't focus for long periods of time (beyond 10 minutes) which affected reading books, board work and computer tests. His teacher was frustrated with Zach on state and county testing because he was "distracted" but the doctor said after 10 minutes or so his eyes because physically exhausted and couldn't read due to being stressed from trying to focus!

  3. That poor pumpkin! I totally get it! Can you imagine?! I so wish there was more awareness about this. My son had such school anxiety, we were ready to put him on medication at age 8 only to find out it was a vision issue. The anxiety was coming from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at school, but not knowing why since he thought everyone was going through the same issues! I am so glad you found out what was going on with Zach! xxoo